Cross media promotions for target market strategies
Advertise on Ads are packaged by menu section, artist, filmmaker, music campaign (i.e., jazz, funk, hip hop with diverse market demographic) or special program. (See NWS Ad packages).

  • BANNER ADS: TOP 728 x 90 pixels; SKYSCRAPPER: 160 x 600 pixels; HORIZONTAL: 300 x 250 pixels
  • VIDEO ADS: 15 seconds or 30 seconds
  • Exposure: 3 million
Sponsor Music Campaign: Evolution of the Blues, Clean Money Music

  • NWS Top Banner
  • Product Endorsement / Merchandise
  • Stage Banner Display
  • Social Media, Press, Radio Ads, Special Promotions, VIP Seats, Stage Mentions
Sponsor Television Show: Dance Kingdom

  • NWS Top Banner (three banners, all pages)
  • Commercial — 15 or 30 seconds per run
  • Product Endorsement / Merchandise
  • Social Media, Press, Radio Ads, VIP Seats, Special Promotions