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You think all hip hop sounds the same, think again!

 A  Brand Different From The Rest
On A Platform Created For Artists Who Understand the
Influence and Power In Lyrical Content


Clean Money Music™ features male and female artists, both domestic and international, who take responsibility to improve the conditions around them. Clean Money Music™ returns rap music to its original hip hop roots, with social commentary, lifestyle, culture and fun as it’s basis.

We feel the heavy promotion of foul language, drugs, violence, misogynistic images and degrading lyrics prevalent in today's hip hop music has created an environment that undermines the beauty of our culture. Teens are experiencing higher rates of incarceration, drug use, depression and suicide. As a result, there is growing concern and critical need for positive balance.

Clean Money Music™ is that balance and brings a different dynamic to the way people and the media perceive hip hop artists and the communities they represent.

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CMM Squad at Marcus Garvey Park
Troubled Mal & ARNSTAR NYC Marathon 2019
Clean Money Music
Marcus Charles performing at NYC Marathon 2019
Young Devyn
3 The Rapper
Napoleon Da Legend at Harlem Week 2019
Young Devyn Interview at NYC Marathon 2018
CMM Radio Show on Orlando's 98.5 The Wire
Don Fryson &  Def Jam's YK Osiris.PNG
Vendeta Baby rocking Harlem Music Fest
Don Fryson & Young Devyn NYC Marathon 2018
Josh Landy reppin' CMM at NYC Marathon 2018
Titus & Blanco at NYC Marathon 2018
3 The Rapper 5th Avenue Stage Harlem Week 2018
Crowd at 5th Avenue stage during HW 2018
Bobby Booshay performing at Harlem Hospital
3 The Rapper performing during Harlem Week 2018
Bobby Booshay performing at Health, Wealth & Music Tour Harlem
Magic302 at Harlem Hospital
Josh Landy & Vendeta Baby performing at Harlem Hospital
3 The Rapper
Clean Money Music Squad
Afrikan Kartel
Voza Rivers with Clean Money Music
Harlem Arts Alliance Staff
Bobby Booshay & KB Harlem Summer Stage
Pete Colon at 98.5FM with Don Fryson
Nashon Walker & Pete Colon NYC Marathon 2017
Pete Colon performing at NYC Marathon 2017
Pete Colon NYC Marathon 2017
GB Breezy at Harlem Week 2018
GB Breezy performing during Harlem Day 2017
GB Breezy performing at State Office Building
Harlem Week 2017
Bobby Booshay & Magic302
Harlem Week 2017
Great Day in Harlem 2017
Bobby Booshay Harlem Summer Stage 2017
Destiny J Summer Stage 2017
Source Magazine Londell McMillian at Source Dinner Awards
Tk The Artist & Hassan
Bria Marie
Impact Repetory Theater
Justin Credible at Harlem Week 2016
Hopeboy at Kissimmee Florida Lakefront
Yung Joc & Stefon4u at Kissimmee Florida Lakefront
TK The Artist Harlem Week 2016
GB Breezy & D Rock Harlem Week 2016
Justin Credible Harlem Week 2016
Main Stage Harlem Week 2016
Bria Marie at Grants Tomb
Gb Breezy, D Rock, Sherlee Skai & Justin Credible HW 2016
Great Day in Harlem Stage 2016
Tiger The Hopeboy & Voza Rivers HW 2016
Sherlee Skai performing at HW 2016
Bria Marie performing at A Great Day in Harlem 2016
, Bria Marie & Platinum Producer Carvin HagginsFryson
Clean Money Music
KB, Don Fryson and Bobby Booshay 2016
360 EI President Don Fryson & The Honorable Charles Rangel
Voza Rivers & Charles Rangel
Nashon Walker
Hopeboy & Don Fryson at Kissimmee Florida Lakefront
TK The Artist & Hassan
Shawn Shearer & The Bomb Shelter
Don Fryson & Omar Warren
Don Fryson and WBLS PD Skip Dillard
Don Fryson & Tha God Rakim
Don Fryson interviewing Lil Jon
Don Fryson Live on the Air 1220AM
DJ Keemdawg at 1220AM
Destiny J interviews at 1220AM
Hopeboy touches the Crowd
Hopeboy says a prayer at A Great Day
Hopeboy performing at A Great Day
TV One interviewing Hopeboy
Don Fryson, Voza Rivers & Hopeboy HW 2016
Don Fryson & Tiger The Hopeboy
Dance Kingdom Squad
Hd Boys & Dance Kingdom
Don Fryson with CMM artists Marcus Garvey Park 2019
Don Fryson & Londell McMillian
Division X
Josh Landy & Vendeta Baby
Josh Landy, Vendeta Baby & Keith Gamble
Don Fryson & Official Red Man/Method ManDJ Dice Brooklyn
Don Fryson & The Legendary Kool Herc