“Hip hop is and always will be the creative expression of urban communities around the world. It has a powerful voice to unite people in the face of adversity, poverty, injustice and social inequalities and can be used to bring about positive change."

–  Don Fryson, President & CEO, Originator Clean Money Music™

“I enthusiastically support 360EI campaign and the launch of Clean Money Music. Positive hip hop is both refreshing and meaningful. I'm happy to create opportunities for Clean Money Music”. 

– Voza Rivers,  Board Chair & Executive Producer

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Celebration of Love with UGO
Directed by trumpeter Henri McMillian. URBAN GUERILLA ORCHESTRA instrumentalists and vocalists have worked with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Aretha...
Clean Money Music partners with Orlando's new urban hip hop radio station 98.5FM The Wire
If you haven't heard by now check this out. It's going down every Friday night from 7pm - 10pm...


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