We don't just present music, film, video and events to millions of viewers. Working in collaboration with regional, national and international affiliates — NWS empowers artists, filmmakers and producers in a global industry. 


GET LISTED ON NWSHere is where work prospects (event planners, venues, producers, radio execs), sponsors, fans and an expanded global audience will check you out! When your work is promoted through NWS media channels, blogs and events - it links back to your profile page and supports your business goals. 

Portfolio Profile: This primary listing service includes Summary (i.e., Market Niche, Qualifications, Vision), Video, Photo Gallery, Contact Information. (Also centralizes and links to your media files listed separately).

Add Media (Album, Video, Short Film): Particularly useful for single presentations and promotions. Includes Audio & Video Players, Credits, Summary, Album Cover or Promotional Image. (Often linked to e-mail blasts and social media posts).

MARKETING & DESIGN ― For distribution at events, give directly to business prospects, send digitally via e-mail, web and social media posts. 

Print: Business Cards, Posters, CD Covers, Stage Props, etc.

Digital: Banners, Billboard, Social Media

Web: Electronic Press Kits, Websites


MEDIA NETWORK MARKETING CAMPAIGNS We combine Digital, Radio & Print promotions for 30, 90 or 180 days on a regional, national or international basis that meet your marketing and sales goals. 

Media Packages: Profile & Media Listings; Banner Ads; Collateral (Business Cards, Media Covers, Posters); Radio Ads; Interview / Feature Story (Blog or Radio); Upcoming Event Promotions; EMail Blasts and Social Media Feeds.

Link Back to NWS Listings: Drive traffic to your Portfolio Profile and Media Listings that appeals to Business Prospects, Fans and Sponsors. It also increases your positioning on search engines.


NWS SUBSCRIBERS ELIGIBLE:  Listed Artists, Producers, Filmmakers (w/ Portfolio Profile) and Channel Directors are able to get funding support. (TIP: It helps to get as many hits on your page as possible and reviews to be selected by sponsors and advertisers). 

50 / 50 SPONSOR PACKAGE: Listing Owners (Portfolio or Media) and Channel Directors selected by Sponsors get net 50% of the advertising proceeds. (You must have a Portfolio Profile On NWS to qualify).

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