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360 Entertainment International, LLC is Headquartered in Florida DON FRYSON, President & CEO Find Events, Radio and Television Productions and Performance Opportunities ...
Florida Hot
NWS DETROIT is empowering youth and adults of the community — focused on filmmaker and artist development, building futures and creating opportunities for music, dance,...
Detroit Hot
New York
New York is the home of 360EI Chairman Voza Rivers, and affiliate organizations New Heritage Theatre Group, Rhythm And Soul Radio, Harlem Arts Alliance, IMPACT Repertory Theatre, The Bomb...
Philadelphia soul 
West Coast
Willi Mac, Executive Music Producer & Abdul Malik Abbott, Vice President 360EI Films represent NWS West Coast. These top-notch professionals deliver high quality productions to 360EI music, film, television...
Japan produces some of the world's best musicians of diverse genre - Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Classical, Reggae and Latin grooves.
6 results - showing 1 - 6