is a Division of 360 Entertainment International (360EI) —
A Full Service Media Company That Produces, Presents and Promotes Event, Radio, Television Shows

NWS is 360EI's global media portal for Music, Film, TV Webisodes and Video. We work in collaboration with Affiliates to market, promote and provide performance opportunities to NWS B2B subscribers (Artists, Filmmakers and Producers).

New Heritage Theatre Group
Oldest Black Nonprofit Theater Company In New York City Produces Local And International Events

360 Marketing & Design
Professional Presentation Created For Print and Digital Distribution

InJoy Entertainment
Marketing, Promotion and Production of  Events In New York City ad Other Locations
Global Internet Radio Station, Urban Eclectic Sounds based out of NYC

Harlem Wold Magazine
Lifestyle Magazine Brings Harlem to the World

Urban Radio Station based out of Orlando

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