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Miss Silawett
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Pop vocalist Miss Silawett
Hair (1/10) Movie CLIP - Aquarius (1979) HD
Music Video 3139   0
Renn Woods sings Aquarius from Milos Forman's 1979 musical Hair.
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Face the Bird
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Face the Bird represents a return to the exploratory side of “home” recording and displays the pop-driven eclecticism that Donnelly and his Figgs mates have been offering up for...
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Kia Muze
Kia Muze Featured Hot
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Kia is a product of Harlemworld, NYC, and spent most of her childhood split between Washington D.C. and Atlanta. That said, she currently lives and works in EL LAY,...
Feed Off The Attention
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Pop diva Miss Silawett sings Feed Off the Attention.
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Pete Donnelly
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New Jersey/Philadelphia-based songwriter Pete Donnelly has played with everyone from Tommy Stinson (Replacements, Guns & Roses) to Soul Asylum and Graham Parker during his solo career and as the...
Music Video 864   0
Debut song FREE from the artist FREEMOOR. Directed by LEE DAVIS Produced by Roger Cordon & Nikki Napier. Cinematography by Rachel Dunn. Additional Photography by Luigi...
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Aissa Torres
Aissa Torres Featured
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When You First Hear AISSA TORRES, You Are Instantly Taken Back To The 80’S Where Old School Hip-Hop, Pop, And R&B Were Deep In Your Veins,...
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