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GB Breezy
GB Breezy Featured Hot
Artist 18808   2
GB Breezy lit up the stage during Clean Money Music Showcase 2017 held during Harlem Week, the largest outdoor festival in New York City. With his...
BOOSHAY Featured Hot
Artist 10710   3
- BOBBY BOOSHAY, Recording Artist - Clean Money Music / 360EI Records
Justincredible Featured Hot
Artist 7346   1
"I'm a Music Artist and Poet that writes raw material, delivers high-energy live performances, and connects with heartseverywhere I'm heard. I am "Real". I am "Passion"....
See Me
See Me Featured Hot
Album 3201   0
New single by Clean Money Music artist GB Breezy,
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TK the Artist
TK the Artist Featured Hot
Artist 2995   0
TK the Artist from the BX representing TRUE KNOWLEDGE produced by SoundProze. His cold hard lyrics keeps it real. Yet, he softens it up when...
No More!
Album 2600   1
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World On Fire - Bobby Booshay
Album 2384   1
Bobby Booshay featuring the Fresh Princess BriaMarie
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Tiger The Hope Boy
Tiger The Hope Boy Featured Hot
Artist 2375   0
He's a native of Philadelphia yet raised in Florida, Tiger has that Chris Brown, T-Pain, Michael Jackson, Dirty South vibe that can be appreciated by every demographic. This hiphop...
Aye Doe Featured Hot
Music Video 2319   0
New Release Aye Doe from Dual Enrollment Album by DESTINY J
5.0 (1)
Art Imitating Life: Real. Passion. Flow.
Album 2307   2
A creative Hip-Hop masterpiece that aggressively challenges the status quo; gracefully blends rock, soul, and poetry; and passionately merges quality vibes and above-par lyrics. This calculated mix of music...
4.8 (2)
No Competition
No Competition Featured Hot
Album 1704   0
NO COMPETITION! HOT new single by 360EI Recording Artist BOOSHAY!
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Lissy B
Lissy B Hot
Artist 1314   0
Lissy B was a co-host on "Dance Kingdom" Season 1.
BOOSHAY - Bobby's World EP
Album 1294   0
Bobby' World by Bobby Booshay Clean Money Music debut E.P With hits "World On Fire ft Bria...
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Nashon Walker
Nashon Walker Featured Hot
Artist 1177   1
Nashon Walker is a Philadephia native, music creator and founder of HoodRISE MUSIC. Nashon Walker and his team is committed to creating a new and...
Pull Up
Pull Up Featured Hot
Album 1138   0
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D Rock
D Rock Hot
Artist 1095   0
From Haines City, FL, D Rock is making a lot of noise in Central Florida.
Don Fryson & Wreck at the CMM Auditions FL
Artist 1092   0
Inspired by his background, love of music, and life’s lessons, Wreck Wregular aims to motivate others through his songs. Whether he’s recording catchy club hits, or insightful lyrics with...
Breeze da Prince
Artist 1008   0
Breeze da Prince aka Prince of the O
Sunny Dilinger - "Don't Gain the World" (Official HD Music Video)
Music Video 979   0
Directed and produced by Lee Davis this is the debut music video of hip hop artist Sunny Dilinger with tracks produced by fellow San Diego native Creation. ...
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AMSCOT MONEY - Tiger The Hopeboy
Music Video 855   0
Tiger The Hope Boy - AMSCOT MONEY 
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Music Video 841   0
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Keep It Cute
Album 794   0
Performed on Dance Kingdom, Season 1
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Double Lyfe
Album 727   0
Performed on Dance Kingdom Season One
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Music Producer 0
Representing Hip Hop
Album 703   0
REPRESENTING HIP HOP H2 the Producer Produced by SoundProze
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Album 684   1
This EP is a compilation of hit singles by Nashon Walker, founder of the up and coming music movement HoodRISE MUSIC.
5.0 (2)
BriaMarie - Shine
Album 622   1
BriaMarie - Shine (feat. The Fresh Princess & Daniel's Son)
5.0 (1)
All Day
All Day Featured
Music Video 572   0
All Day  Produced by the Lyricist Society
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Music Video 563   0
Photo Shoot (Behind The Scenes)
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What Would You Do?
Music Video 556   1
Rappers Mike Zellars and Karl Johnson Music video from the Lyricist Society at Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men.
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Music Video 551   0
Music video from the Lyricist Society at Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men.lyricistsociety.comIn this video the young men of the Lyricist Society highlight the need to end Black on...
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Life of the Party
Album 550   0
D Rock - Life of the Party
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Time Featured
Album 470   0
  "Just Give Me That Time..." 3 the Rapper
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Wanna Be
Music Video 444   0
Lyricist Society
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Shoe Game On Fleek
Album 400   0
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Music Video 343   0
Detroit students sharing their voice with introspective lyrics.
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"Death to the Trap" by Pete Colon (Official Video) Prod. by DJ Mr. President
Music Video 312   1
"Death to the Trap" by Pete Colon Prod. by DJ Mr. President Pete Colon @speediepetey DJ Mr. President @djmrpresident Ticnology Films @ticnology
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Pete Colon
Pete Colon Featured
Artist 295   1
It’s who wins not who comes the closest!!!! Confident swagger, charismatic presence, and a poets demeanor, Pete.Colon, AKA P.C, speaks...
1967 NOW
1967 NOW Featured
Music Video 293   0
The young men of Lyricist Society share their perspective on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion.
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