SYLVIA’S “58th” Anniversary!!!

SYLVIA’S “58th” Anniversary!!!
August 01, 2020
August 01, 2020
Sylvias Restaurant, 328 Malcolm X Blvd
New York, United States  (New York)

Saturday, August 1st, 8AM-11AM, Entertainment by J3 - Janice Marie, Joe Ham, James Preston 

I am extremely excited to invite you all to come out to Sylvia’s this Saturday, August 1st, 8AM-11AM for their Annual Community Breakfast. This year is SYLVIA’S “58th” Anniversary!!! They have managed to survive these challenging times, which have been devastating and  lethal for many, many businesses. Yet, they still donated hundreds of meals to our community. May GOD Bless Them Abundantly.

The Celebration will be outdoors, My trio”J3” Janice Marie, Joe Ham, James Preston will be providing live entertainment throughout the 8AM-11AM hours. 

Feel free to bring your carry-able chairs. Although  Some breakfast will be provided, I am requesting / suggesting, that we all purchase a meal to take out beginning at 11AM (when they open for regular business) to lend our support to one of our Harlem Favorites!

Looking forward to seeing everyone real soon 

Best Blessings, Janice Marie🎶