Clean Music Matters


Music is the universal language...

It affects our mood in positive ways, promoting relaxation, stress relief, meditation and spiritual worship. However, when we hear day-in and day-out music that degrades us, it weakens the spirit.

Hip hop is the #1 listened to genre in the world by all races — but, most of what we’re exposed to today propagates criminal lifestyles, racial stereotypes and incites violence. The same is true with other forms of entertainment directed toward youth.

People believe what they hear repeatedly to be true. In addition, uncertain economic times create great despair. Those without hope, support, and low self-esteem fall prey to reactionary thinking — when good becomes bad, and bad becomes good.

It is up to each and every one of us to ensure a healthy balance!

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CLEAN MUSIC MATTERS is a collaboration of national and regional leaders, community-based organizations and media partners that have collective capacity to develop and implement plans that impact healthier lifestyles, support global arts empowerment and stimulate community economic development. Entertainment is a multi-trillion dollar emerging global industry. It stimulates tourism, supports local business and employment goals.

CLEAN MUSIC MATTERS addresses critical demand for music and entertainment that is truly reflective of multicultural people across the nation.

Organized on a region-by-region basis by community leaders, participants include: artists, filmmakers, producers, media outlets, nonprofits, athletes, students, professional associations, educators, religious organizations, record labels, venues and elected officials. Sponsored programs inspire youth to achieve excellence against all odds, encourage family values and community service.

Working together we effectively reach hundreds of thousands of multicultural people / consumers in our communities — and institute an environment that bridges divides, meets challenges and provides solutions in furtherance of world harmony.



CLEAN MUSIC MATTERS is lead by Chairman Voza Rivers, Executive Producer of New Heritage Theatre Group the oldest Black nonprofit theatre company in NYC; Don Fryson, President / CEO, 360 Entertainment International, LLC and initiator of Clean Money Music™; Dennis Talbert, Honorary Retired Executive; Ms. Shawn Shearer, Co-Founder; Carvin Haggins, Grammy Award Winning Writer / Producer and Activist — and regional directors.