"True See" screens at the Harlem International Film Festival - Directors: Jamal Joseph, Mike De Caro

"True See" will screen at the Harlem International Film Festival

Directors: Jamal Joseph, Mike De Caro

Country: US, Running Time: 15 min

The inspiring story of True-See Allah, born as Troy Christopher Watson. In the 80s, during the crack epidemic, Troy was a member of the dangerous Castlegate Road gang in the notorious neighborhood of Roxbury, Boston. He liked the flashy street life, but soon he understood that crime doesn’t pay. Troy ended up incarcerated at nineteen years old.

Facing a long sentence, he decided to turn his life around. He joined Islam, changed his name from Troy to True-See, went back to school and completed his studies with a college degree in Liberal Arts and Social Work. Once he left his prison cell, he promised himself to never look back.

 Thursday the 17th at 5pm - "True See" will screen together with the feature doc "The Prison Within". People can buy a virtual ticket to both films for $7.99

This is the link to "True See" HIFF festival page:
And this is the link to pre-order tickets and then watch the show:

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