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Representing 21st Century Funk - Willi (Mac) Waller, Executive Music Producer 360EI Records
It is our honor to pay tribute to the great Willi Mac Waller and wish him a very Happy Birthday! WILLI MAC WALLER - accomplished composer / producer approaches music without preconception or contrivance. His music is featured throughout NewWorldStation.com under his own name, as well as on featured productions for Sherlee Skai and Renn Woods (Saturday Love). But not only that - Will is NWS Creative Director. He does high-end graphic design,...
TANTALIZING... Directed by Abdul Malik Abbott (Director of JAY-Z's "Streets is Watching & State Property). Vocals and Lyrics by Natalieq Music Produced and performed by DJ ABBY AB (aka Abdul Malik Abbott) SEE VIDEO BELOW AND HEAR MORE FROM B.O.S.S ON NWS CHANNEL: HOT BUTTER  
Kia Muze Electro-Rock-n-B coming from Cali!
The seven song EP is what Kia has branded Electro-Rock-n-B. Heavy on drums, electro synths and soulful melodies, this collection of songs centers on the never exhausted theme of love-new, unrequited, Divine, familial. “It's most organic for me to write what I know and so, I like to write from personal experience”, Kia says. Broadway and small screen performer KIA MUZE presents her self-produced urban alternative project Superhero. After honing her skills under such legends as...
Paulette McWilliams Telling Stories...
Voza Rivers / NewWorldStation.com is pleased to present Paulette. "...When you are totally blown away by an artist, it’s an experience that revives one’s original passion for the power of music. That’s what happened to me when hearing Paulette McWilliams. Having been marinated in the greatest jazz singers of the century — Ella, Sarah, Billie, Dinah Washington, Carmen McRae, et al. — I’m kind of hard to impress. But McWilliams, a music industry veteran...
Have My All premiere single from How It Feels To Be Saved by Knaté
Gospel Music Video Have My All by Knate - NWS West Coast Presentation - The premiere of the single "Have My All" from the debut project "How It Feels To Be Saved" by Knaté Music video directed & produced by Stacey Dillon Edited by Abdul Malik Abbott DPs Brad Serreno & Stacey Dillon ...
Speaking My Language - DJ ABBY AB Featuring Kia Muze (Official Music Video)
DJ ABBY AB, producer and main musician for the Soul group B.O.S.S has collaborated with singer Kia Muze on Speaking My Language, a mid-tempo love, R&B/Soul tune with touches of jazz, rock and hip-hop mixed in... Enjoy!
Let it all go - B.O.S.S
- - In the short award-winning dramatic film entitled “Curse of War”, James Powell, (Ronnie Graham) a battered Marine, home from the war tells his Psychiatrist he has to “let it all go…”, after constantly reminiscing over the atrocities he experienced during his time served overseas. The song, “Let it all go” by the Soul music band B.O.S.S addresses those feelings in this touching, melodic, rhythmic ballad in which the first...
7 results - showing 1 - 7

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