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DETROIT in the house! Be-Moor Radio urban hip-hop features Clean Money Music
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360EI is excited to collab with Be-Moor Radio of Detroit, run by students who offer relevant hip hop music and opportunities for the up and coming to be heard in Detroit and other parts of the world. Be-Moor Radio can now be heard On 24 / 7 featuring Clean Money Music artists and every Tuesday night from 8 pm to 10 pm for the exclusive Clean Money Music Show. ...
Weekly Tips: Episode 2
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In this episode our host examines the physical effects of consuming excessive amounts of sugar and offers tips on how to keep your daily sugar intake at an acceptable level. Presented by the Lyricist Society and Frederick Douglass Academy / Detroit Public Schools
Frederick Douglass Students Nominated for the Emmy's (Music Video by Lyricist Society)
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National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences * HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT PRODUCTION AWARDS NOMINATIONS 2016 * As part of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences we are the standard-bearers for excellence in the television broadcasting industry and the gatekeepers of the prestigious regional EMMY® Awards in Michigan. The Michigan EMMY® represents the most experienced and talented television professionals from all disciplines of the industry and from all of Michigan’s 11 television markets....
Weekly Tips:  Episode 1
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Beverly Morrison-Green and NWS Detroit present WEEKLY TIPS with Vincent Wilks In this episode our host examines the negative perceptions of Black youth in America and offers tips on how NOT to become a victim of such perceptions. See more youth media productions Cinema & TV / Lyricist Society channel Video produced by Frederick Douglass Academy in Detroit...
What Would You Do to Achieve Against All Odds?
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WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  Music video features Mike Zellars and Karl Johnson Quan Neloms, Founder of the Lyricist Society provoked the thought. He believes that young men need to see themselves as teachers, leaders, and productive community members.  Check out LYRICIST SOCIETY on NWS Cinema & TV CLEAN MONEY MUSIC DETROIT
Non-Violence or Non-Existence
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Peace! “The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.” ― Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - MORE VIDEOS FROM THE LYRICIST SOCIETY -
Lonely Star By Christian Davis
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Lonely Star By Christian Davis Mia is Marketing Excecutive who can't seem to find love. At a final attempt at love Mia (Kanesha Gervin) decides to try online dating. Mia meets a mysterious man Lorenzo (Christian Davis) whom she has an instant connection with. WATCH THE SHORT FILM BELOW (See more on NWS SHORTS)  
"Never Bend the Knee" The legacy of Paul Robeson
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New World Station Detroit presents this documentary produced by the Lyricist Society at the Frederick Douglass Academy.
Stem Drones
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FASCINATING video on Drones, S.T.E.M.U.L.A.T.E.S * Very interesting feature story on Stem Drones, produced by Youth Communications Concepts. It's all about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and its cool. Beverly Morrison-Green, Executive Producer, and Special Instructor / Detroit School of Arts. Read more about Beverly Morrison-Green​, Executive Vice President, 360EI Films Specializing in education, youth development and public service
I Am A Man
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- NWS SLIDE PRESENTATION - BLACK HISTORY - Music by the Lyricist Society at Frederick Douglass Academy in Detroit - - Slideshow edited by Will Waller, NWS Creative Director -    
This Detroit Teacher Uses Hip-Hop Literacy to Engage His Students and the Community
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REPRINT FROM EDUCATION POST - Quan Neloms is a public school teacher at Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men in Detroit, Michigan. He specializes in using hip-hop to teach literacy and engage youth. I began teaching at 22. Back in my hometown of Detroit and fresh out of college, I thought I had all the answers. I believed students would instantly relate to...
No one is doomed - RISE by Lyricist Society of Detroit
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RISE Detroit students sharing their voice with introspective lyrics. See MUSIC VIDEO below *Click for More! LYRICIST SOCIETY CHANNEL ON NWS* Representing CLEAN MONEY MUSIC™ Detroit
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REPRINTED EXCERPTS... In 2016, three high school students from Detroit, Deon Butler, Drake Glover, and Kamar Graves, received the EMMY® for best high school music video from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Michigan. Their video, Peace, explores violence and police brutality while calling for peace. In their original lyrics, Butler and Graves wrote about blue-on-black, black-on-black, and black-on-blue conflicts. When interviewed for this...
1967 NOW
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Presented by Quan Neloms / Lyricist Society - Detroit -   The young men of Lyricist Society share their perspective on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion. And, today.
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DETROIT in the house! Be-Moor Radio urban hip-hop features Clean Money Music
360EI is excited to collab with Be-Moor Radio of Detroit, run...
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