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What Would You Do? Poetry Play by Luther D. Isler
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WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY LUTHER!!! At 30, Luther D. Isler has already had an illustrious career as leading member of IMPACT Repertory Theatre, Producer and Founder of the BOMB SHELTER an affiliate of New Heritage Theatre Group. THE BOMB SHELTER, is a venue for today's YOUNG ADULT Poets to build a New Harlem Renaissance. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? a poetry play produced by Luther Isler is about six young...
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Omar Warren and 360 Poetry Masters presents  - I'M GOING TO DIE BECAUSE I AM A BLACKMAN -   Poem written and recited by Tehut-9 Superbly delivered. Something every human being should understand. For More Unspoken Word check out 360 Poetry Masters at NewWorldStation.com
Ras Osagyefo Performs A Tribute to Peter Tosh
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In honor of Black History we remember Peter Tosh
3 results - showing 1 - 3

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