Stronger Than Cash

Stronger Than Cash

Hosted by Shawn Shearer, 360EI Executive Vice President

- Dedicated to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. How can we increase capacity in a global economy?

In laymen terms we talk about resource development, community building, good business practices, collaborations, marriage, sex, challenges and issues that affect our core economic unit - the family.

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Are women really equal to men in business?
(Updated: July 05, 2015)
In my experience yes and no. A woman in business must be very strong, yet remain humble. When we are the controllers then we are invited to have drinks with the guys after a meal to discuss politics, education and business -- and not be relegated to the kitchen. Yet, when it comes to raising money, we are subjected to road blocks - first from being black, then from being a woman. Our integrity is tested, and we have to walk away from potentially millions so as not to lose our freedom. But, only cash pays the bills. It is a very difficult, near impossible situation for the mother and her children. This is when an honest to God good man is so invaluable. Who believes in his woman and provides her the protection she needs to negotiate a fair deal... there are many reasons, great experiences that drive me to these conclusions....
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