The Stewards, The Owner & The Blessings

The Stewards, The Owner & The Blessings

Stewardship is something most folks understand. Yet, God gave me some thoughts for the purpose of clarity today. I believe it was for me to write it down for myself and share it as a reminder of the perspective and posture we should have with money and possessions. He wants us to practice God-centered stewardship more effectively (that includes me).

I was reading a scripture I've heard often, Psalm 24:1 (KJVS) which states: The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Many of us have heard that scripture at various times. Then, God also pointed out verse 5 of Psalm 24 (KJVS): He shall receive the blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation. In God's eye's, ownership is truly reserved for Himself. Ownership is a quality reserved for God as the Creator and the eternal being that He has always been. No matter how much we seem to own in this earthly realm as humans, it is temporary. This life in these physical bodies is temporary. Yes, we have been given access to eternal life through Christ but not in the bodies we were born into this earth with. These physical bodies will eventually die and all the wealth we have gained on earth will be left behind for someone else to take possession of. I think most believers understand that.

This is the very reason why the Bible teaches wealth from a position of stewardship and blessing. God is the owner and we are His money managers as believers in the earth (remember the parable of the talents). If we follow His precepts as it relates to money, He blesses us and takes care of our needs and will even give us the desires of our heart that are in line with His will. God wants to bless; His nature is to do good to us and for us, particularly when we are obedient.

(Isaiah 1:19 KJVS. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.)

I know there are folks thinking what about wealth being passed down in the same family line, generation after generation. Does that not constitute ownership? It may seem that way but each generation must do something to maintain that wealth or it can be lost. Each generation must have someone that assumes stewardship over what has been passed down. Poor stewardship can be the catalyst for the loss of millions and even billions of dollars. Good stewardship is still the important cornerstone to long-term maintenance of inherited wealth.

Remember, it is all God's stuff no matter who is managing that stuff at any point in time. The day will come when everything will revert back to the true owner. Manage your wealth as if you will need to answer to God about how you managed the finances He put into your possession; some day, the truth is you will be giving Him an account.

J. Keyes

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