Power of Protests -- Curfew Ended Early and Changes Implemented

Power of Protests | Curfew Ended Early and Changes Implemented

Dru Story News - June 8, 2020 - 

In New York City, due to overwhelming pressure and protests deliberately lasting well past the 8 pm curfew, the Mayor listened, ended the curfew after Saturday night and many changes were made. This is an example of the power of the people forcing positive changes that sitting politicians may never make unless it is demanded. For the time being, this is a win for NYC protestors that will perhaps reverberate to other states.

Mayor de Blasio has been in a difficult Catch-22 situation. He may not admit this publicly, but police departments and their unions have become dangerously powerful and they often make mayors and governors bend. In the past de Blasio attempted to lean the way of citizens, but the police department and union lambasted and browbeat him into subservience. On one occasion the NYPD, who are public servants at his command, even stood and turned their backs on him while he was speaking at an event. Consequently, in recent weeks both de Blasio and Cuomo were always seemingly advocating for the police department’s perspective no matter the situation. They are seemingly above reproach and it’s treated as an unthinkable transgression if anyone dares say anything negative about them, even despite growing cases of abuse. However, people trying to bring about reform are growing tired of this.


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