NBA Supports East African Clean Water Efforts

NBA Supports East African Efforts

Orlando, Florida. February 2, 2020 - Tanzania East African Night -

Bringing attention to water problems and the building of Water Wells in Tanzania in celebration of African American Heritage Month is the aim of the East African Interest Group.

On February 28, 2020, the Group partnering with the Orlando Magic host the first annual “Clean and Fresh Water Project” to highlight East African and global water concerns.

The event will take place during the Magic-Timberwolves’s game. Ticket prices begin at $20.00. Proceeds will benefit the development of Water Wells in East Africa.

The objective of the East African Tanzania Night is to highlight the global problems of millions of people who do not have access to clean and fresh water, especially in East Africa.

East Africa—the birthplace of the human species is man’s ancestral home.Thus, in this light it is imperative that we support this effort.

We are very grateful to the National Basketball Association and the Orlando Magic organization to align with us as we try to find a way to negate the suffering of millions of people who have no access to clean fresh reliable water.

Please purchase your tickets online at:

As a sidebar, while Central Florida is assessible to “EPA” standard drinking water; Environmental Working Group, released its report that we have 11 major contaminants in our water supply that puts millions at risk in the Orlando region. Thus, clean fresh water is a concern for everyone.


NBA Supports East African Clean  Water Efforts

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