Kia Muze Electro-Rock-n-B coming from Cali!

Kia Muze Electro-Rock-n-B coming from Cali!

The seven song EP is what Kia has branded Electro-Rock-n-B. Heavy on drums, electro synths and soulful melodies, this collection of songs centers on the never exhausted theme of love-new, unrequited, Divine, familial. “It's most organic for me to write what I know and so, I like to write from personal experience”, Kia says.

Broadway and small screen performer KIA MUZE presents her self-produced urban alternative project Superhero. After honing her skills under such legends as iconic Motown founder Berry Gordy, KIA MUZE transitions into a more personal and intimate offering with this collection of songs inspired by timeless films like Casablanca, personal experiences and humorous soundbites from the pulpit.

Kia Muze Brainspace

NWS West Coast presents 
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