Get Ready - 360EI TV Will Officially Launch on June 21st

Get Ready - 360EI TV Will Officially Launch on June 21st

360EI TV premieres on, Channel 29 (along with The Jacksons, Les Brown, It’s All Good In the Hood, and other fantastic programming).

Founded by Travis Smith, Sr. in Willington, Delaware; is a 24/7 mobile television network that hosts 174 channel partners. Its mission is to create greater awareness of audio-visual, communication and technology;  enable, empower and equip organizations and individuals to survive, strive and even more so thrive in this digital age.


360EI works in collaboration with Act Boom to provide broad based exposure of quality programs that meet market demand of multicultural consumers for news and entertainment that truly represent them. is 360EI's B2B media portal that lists Artists, Filmmakers and Producers and features music and cinema channels, videos, blogs and events. 

360EI TV on Channel 29 will host NWS scheduled programs, OnDemand and Live Broadcasts. PayPerView services are offered to NWS subscribers and affiliates.

360EI TV presents clean and commercial programs and music of cross genres that are entertaining, fun and educational. And, bridge people and communities around the world. Featured programs include: Clean Money Music Videos; Hot Butter for the grown and sexy; True Gospel Expressions; Evolution of the Blues; Harlem Week Live and OnDemand Events; The Rendezvous ⸺ T.R.U.E. Music produced by Marko Nobles; The Lyricist Society, Grammy award winning producer of teen educational and music videos; Island Fever FM and much more!

ARTISTS, FILMMAKERS AND PRODUCERS now is the time to get ready and be a part of this historic event! Those listed on NWS will receive a newsletter / email blast with more details.

All others interested be sure to sign up to NWS (it’s free) and find out about the multiple benefits we offer our Subscribers!

 Contact for more information
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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