Do You See What I See

Do You See What I See

When you look in the mirror you see the most valuable thing that God has ever created; that is how God sees you.

God's love for us is so deep and so rich that I am not sure we can comprehend it to its full measure. So many days we go out into the world feeling unloved, unappreciated and unfulfilled. Many days that is all we seem to be offered by the world around us. Even some of our greatest accomplishments leave us empty once achieved. We do have a God given ability to succeed but what is success? Success is really living in a Calling and the series of assignments God has placed in your specific journey. Why? God loves you! God is trying to help you find that best you. The you He created you to become. If you acknowledge that is what God is doing in your life and you submit to His will, He will direct your movement to that best you! The you God sees every time He looks at you. God sees your full potential and wants you to experience it because He loves you.

When you look at yourself, do you see what God sees?

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