- We Have The Power To Protect Our Future - 

Music and culture is a driving force that stimulates minds, uplifts spirits and soothes souls. Music instills world harmony.

But, controlled by the wrong hands, it serves predatory interests. Billions of dollars are invested in news filled with racist stereotypes; music and entertainment that glorify criminal lifestyles, violence and promiscuity. The media is effectively used to justify national oppression, prison and war economies.

Our Children Are The Prey

It’s tough trying to instill a sense of values and self respect in our children when they are constantly put down and pitted against each other in society. How do we protect them from harm when we have to work two jobs just to pay the bills?

Young people have it triply hard today, but this makes them stronger and more resilient. Provided positive reinforcement and support, we channel obstinance to progressive action that stimulates youth to achieve greatness against all odds.

Unity In The Community

CLEAN MUSIC MATTERS! Community and national leaders unite to promote healthy lifestyles and celebrate our diversity through music and entertainment.

Goals & Objectives

Working together we produce, promote and stream CLEAN MUSIC MATTERS concerts of cross genre in several regions across the USA. We:

  • Support music, arts and cultural development programs that entertain, educate and empower;
  • Impact local trends positively;
  • Boost local tourism, small business and employment objectives.

Fund Raise target: $100,000.

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Here’s How You Can Help! 

Make a Donation Online – Any Contribution No Matter How Small Will Help!

Or Send Check or Money Order payable to:

Attn: Clean Music Matters

 229 West 135th Street - Frnt.1, New York, NY 10030

Specify on Special Instructions
Clean Music Matters Contribution



For more information or to find out how you can participate:


EMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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