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Heru Ptah
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Heru Ptah is a poet, writer and filmmaker. He has appeared on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and CNN with Anderson...
Malik & the O.G's
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Malik Al Nasir is a Liverpool born poet, film maker and social activist. After a troubled childhood...
Curtis X Meyer
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You are composed of six septillion cells (that's a six with 24 zeroes), each with its own consciousness.You are obligated to be genius as if countless lives depend on...
Blu Bailey
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Blu Bailey is one of the hottest spoken word in the south. She founded "The Write" ( Formerly the Spoken Word Press) over 10 years ago empowering the youth...
Shawn Welcome
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Shawn Welcome, a nationally known performance poet, is blessed with a gift to encourage, inspire, educate, and motivate. Shawn has more than 10 years’ public performing experience, which includes...
Professor Stymie
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Poetry from the "Birth of a Lyrical Soldier" Album Recorded at Uptop Studios, Brooklyn, NY Professor Stymie is also 25 yr veteran of...
Tehut 9
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I am a thought. I think. I inspire thoughts to think about thoughts they weren't even thinking about thinking.I am bigger than this space.
Ras Osagefo
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Ras Osagefo has been blessing the world with poetry for decades. From Brooklyn via Jamaica, his name is synonomus with Spoken Word in NYC.
8 results - showing 1 - 8