Rose Culture


Vibe with the mind of a menace

RoseMarie Bryan, known to some as “Rose Culture”, is giving Hip Hop a new face and providing the Universe with sonic excellence, one gritty hit at a time.

Daughter of a jazz musician and a dancer, RoseMarie was destined to rock the entertainment world from a young age. The self-aware, “Wicked Lyricist” studied classical music for eight years, composing personal masterpieces in her birthplace of Virginia Beach, VA. During her time there, as well as her home-bases of New York and Florida, the confident, growing sensation continued to develop her style - influenced by greats such as Eminem, the Notorious B.I.G., Kendrick Lamar, Lauren Hill and Erykah Badu. Her globally-relevant sound waves are riddled with deep, honest and intriguing words, supported by a melodic drama and intensity she gained from her six years training in theater.

Nothing proves this fact more than her most recently released single, “Awesome” - a blunt yet bouncy ode to herself, encouraging women and humankind everywhere to step up and feel themselves in the dopest of ways. “Y’all done turned this skinny little Queen into a monsta!”, rings in listeners ears long after the song has ended - a testament that truth and a tad bit of insanity is one way to achieve one’s wildest dreams.

Stay locked in on RoseMarie Bryan - Ms. Rose Culture, herself as she stomps her way to the top.