Kayland, a South Florida native, with a heart-warming voice and gift for touching-melodies is a talented singer on the rise.

At 22 years old she has a lot of sultry energy and charisma in her voice, embodying the soulfulness and melodic scope of the best artists of the 90s R&B scene…but with her own special twist. Kayland’s lush vocal range is bright, yet brings a lot of textural warmth to her beats, which are often inspired by modern trap and neo-soul. The result is a style that feels modern, yet nostalgic at the same time, combining the best elements of the “golden age” of R&B with the fresh punch of the contemporary scene! If you enjoy artists such as Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, The Weekend or Alicia Keys, Kayland’s music will definitely captivate you right away.