"I'm a Music Artist and Poet that writes raw material, delivers high-energy live performances, and connects with heartseverywhere I'm heard. I am "Real". I am "Passion". I am "Flow". I am Justincredible! I'm always looking to produce a quality mixture of 'Art Imitating Life'. "

Justincredible is an internationally-known and successful Music Artist and Poet (...with an odd sense of humor). Heard around the world, from the United States to London to Indonesia, he is often remembered for 3 reasons: Real, Passion, and Flow. As an American Songwriter/Poet/Performing Artist, Justincredible has been performing for thousands, winning talent competitions, and reaching fans' hearts since 2003. On stage or off stage, on camera or off camera, friends, family, and fans would all agree that the words “Real”, “Passion”, and “Flow” (...and "ODD") would perfectly describe Justincredible’s personality and who he is as a human being.

As a real Poet, Justincredible’s music is consistently transparent, honest, and raw. Most of his lyrics are a reflection of his own personal life and the lives of others. As a passionate Music Artist, Justincredible has an addiction to songwriting and performing for fans. He genuinely enjoys making beautiful music and poetry, but is also a die-hard fan of countless music artists and poets. As for flow, he remains flexible by consistently working with different song topics, production genres, featured artists, and delivery styles to give fans a solid collection of life music for any occasion. From hype, feel-good anthems to love ballads; from suspenseful, story-telling songs to socially relevant pieces; Justincredible always provides fans with a quality mixture of artwork!


Justincredible & H Dot at the CMM Auditions FL 2016
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