Darren Stone


Darren Stone was born in Philadelphia, Pa where he was raised in church His mother moved the family to Virginia, to start a new life for her kids. Where they began to go to church at the Rose of Sharon where his aunt Clara was the pastor. He then saw court tech groups singing in the church and found the love for singing.


Darren Stone attendant school in Chesapeake Virginia where he graduated and had love for basketball but things didn’t work out because of his ankle injuries; So he began to stay in church where he began playing the drums and singing in the choir at “Holy Light Church of Deliverance in Portsmouth, Virginia. So three of the members of the choir began to start a gospel singing group and record a song in the studio, but conflict began in the group and one of the member left. So he began his career in singing R&B music because his Uncle was in the music business with groups such as New Edition and Bobby Brown.


So he began to put a group together to present to his uncle. And that didn’t workout because it wasn’t God’s plan for me. So I put together a Gospel Album to praise and worship the Lord. My Uncle began a Ministry and he encourages me to put together a Gospel Record Company and we began to work for the Lord. This will be my first album off my Label (“God work’s in Mysterious Ways.”)