Wreck Wregular

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Inspired by his background, love of music, and life’s lessons, Wreck Wregular aims to motivate others through his songs. Whether he’s recording catchy club hits, or insightful lyrics with a higher purpose, Wreck’s universal appeal speaks to the masses. “I want to let people know they create their own destiny,” he says. “You can create your own foundation.” Wreck Wregular’s foundation began in Kansas City, MO before he moved to Shreveport, LA where he spent a majority of his life. In 2003, he relocated to Orlando, FL, which was just the change he needed to spark his career. “I came to Orlando for an internship and liked the environment,” he says. “The city is live, everybody is moving, so I decided to move down here.” After adjusting to the Orlando scene, Wreck helped form The In Crowd Productions and began pushing himself as a producer. Growing up, he was influenced by soulful Midwest sounds, combined with music coming through Shreveport like Master P, Hot Boys, and Texas’ rappers like Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, etc. The result was a well-rounded style reflecting a mix of genres. Wreck’s first major placement was with Soulja Boy, and from there he supplied beats to Young Money artists, Choppa from Making The Band, and Fly Society, to name a few. With his production credits mounting, Wreck decided to shift his focus to his rapping. He pioneered a local group known as the Astro Kids. Via social networking sites, live streaming video, and other online outlets, Astro Kids gained a notable amount of listeners. In 2009, the group put together a successful show that brought out a high attendance, increasing their local buzz. It was a big break for Astro Kids, as well as Wreck Wregular who had a stand-out performance. Astro Kids put out a well-received mixtape prior to disbanding and Wreck went on to pursue his solo talents. He released Da Wreckamendation in 2009, which was a combination of remixes and original songs. Both projects solidified Wreck as one to watch.


Don, DJ Keem Dawg and Wreck at the CMM Auditions FL
Wreck Wregular at the CMM Auditions FL