360 Entertainment International


NewWorldStation.com is a division of 360 Entertainment International, LLC (360EI), a full service enterprise that produces, promotes and distributes music, film, television and live events. Our mission is to Entertain, Educate and Empower. 360EI meets programming demand for news and entertainment that is representative of multicultural communities; and supports independent artists, filmmakers and producers in the USA and abroad, particularly of the Black and Latino Diaspora.

360EI was formed in 2009 in Orlando, Florida by Don Fryson, President & CEO, and in 2014 consolidated with NewWorldStation.com — chiefly, Voza Rivers, Chair of the Board & Executive Producer; and other distinguished executives (see Executive Team). 

  • Headquartered in New York City, with regional operations in Orlando, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Hyderabad (India). 

  • Owns and operates three subsidiary organizations: 360EI Films, 360EI Records, 360EI Marketing & Design; and NewWorldStation.com.

Highlights of prior achievements:

  • DANCE KINGDOM TELEVISION: 13 episodes of a musical variety show produced and aired on Brighthouse Cable Network (Now SPECTRUM)) On-Demand to five million households in Florida, Michigan, Alabama, California and Indiana. The student participants aged 12 to 17 as required, maintained a 2.5 or above GPA and passed state exams to participate.

  • TIRALO AL MEDIO: A Latin musical variety television show produced and aired on Estrella TV to over three million households in Florida.

  • NewWorldStation.com: 360EI digital entertainment and media portal was designed, planned and developed. During soft launch NWS received 4 million+ views. Music, film, video and information about the artists, producers and filmmakers who subscribe to NWS are presented.

  • CLEAN MONEY MUSIC: Developing and marketing hip hop artists who understand the importance of lyrical content without glorifying drugs, violence, sex and derogatory characterization of botn men and women. No N,B or H!

  • RAP SUPERSTAR 360: produced television pilot for premier international competition of Hip Hop Emcee's and Hip Hop Producers.

  • INTERNATIONAL EVENTS: high profile performances by Clean Money Music & NWS Artists at HARLEMWEEK (largest outdoor festival in New York City), SUMMER Stage, Health, Wealth & Music Tour and NYC MARATHON (largest marathon in the world).

  • REGIONAL EVENTS: Dr. MLK Jr. Parade & Concert in Central Florida, MUSIC SHOWCASE, SWAG (Students Who Achieve Greatness) anti-bullying tour in local schools; Miami Music Festival; Orlando Music Awards and others.

  • Clean Money Music Radio show airs FRIDAY evening throughout Central Florida on 98.5FM. Streams live via the internet to audiences throughout USA, Central America and the Caribbean.