Willi Mac - 360EI Executive Music Producer

360EI Records


Music Recordings  •  Live Performances  •  Product Branding & Endorsements  •  Audio & Video Streaming  •  Single & Album Promotions  •  Merchandising


Don Fryson, President
Voza Rivers, Executive Producer
Will (Willi Mac) Waller, Executive Music Producer

360EI Records, LLC is a subsidiary of 360 Entertainment International, LLC.

Responsible for:

  • Music production of audio and video recording
  • Music Sales, including live events, streaming concerts, tours, MP3 downloads and merchandising,

The market niche is Black & Latino music of various genres, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Latin, Caribbean, Spoken Word and more.

Clean Money Music™ is a major market focus for 360EI Records. The concept was originated by Don Fryson, 360EI President. Clean and commercial hip-hop music, Clean Money Music™ can be heard by every ear, everywhere. Talented artists are afforded opportunities to sign with 360EI Records / Clean Money Music™ who:

  • Exemplify clean lyrical content; understand the importance of hard work and dedication; have developed fan base; and are driven to succeed.

360EI Records signed artists perform at major events, 360EI television shows, live radio interviews and gain international exposure through, 360E.I. Radio and the entire NWS media network.

360EI Records Music Campaign productions are: Evolution of the Blues, Extravaganza, Hot Butter, 21st Century Funk and 360 Poetry Masters. Each feature a roster of distinguished artists. 360EI cross-media promotions, include: regional, national and international tours, special events, local press and radio. Digital music streamed; sold & downloaded on NWS. CD’s and merchandise for sale at events. NWS Billboard, Banners and Special Promotions. 



Willi Mac - 360EI Executive Music Producer