360EI Films


360EI FILMS, Executive Team:

360EI Films, a subsidiary of 360EI is responsible for film, video and television production. The company manages Live & OnDemand streaming services; handles quality control and filmmaker recruitment to NWS. And, produces music video for 360EI Records. Television and film produced by 360EI Films streams exclusively on NewWorldStation.com, and is promoted by the entire 360EI media machine. Programs include:

  • DANCE KINGDOM TELEVISION: 13 episodes produced and aired previously on Brighthouse Cable Network (subsi­diary of Time Warner) in Florida, Michigan, Alabama, California and Indiana On-Demand to five million households. Student participants aged 12 to 17 maintained 2.5 or above GPA and passed state exams. 2016 season to air on National Television Network.
  • TIRALO AL MEDIO:  show produced and broadcast on Estrella TV to over three million households in Florida reaching the Latin consumer market.
  • RAP SUPERSTAR 360: is a premier international television production, accompanied by mobile and online applications conceived by Don Fryson, President. It’s an international competition of clean Hip Hop Emcee's and Hip Hop Producers. 

360EI Films handles video production for NWS Subscribers and advertisers on a selective basis.